New music releases from this fall bring several options


Giveon released a new EP called When It’s All Said And Done on Oct. 9.

Mia Sanchez, A&E Editor

This fall we’ve been treated to numerous releases in music.

Giveon has recently released a new EP called When It’s All Said And Done on Oct. 9. It consists of four songs that Giveon has stated that he tried transforming heartache to something “beautiful.”

He wrote the song “Still Your Best” on the EP based on his last song “LIKE I WANT YOU.” He calls it his coping mechanism.

“I literally couldn’t wait for the EP. Ever since his last album was released I’ve just been waiting for more music from him,” junior Julissa Hernandez stated. 

Brent Faiyaz, with a long anticipated wait, finally released his single “Dead Man Walking.” He released the song on Sept. 18. This has been taken as a “teaser” to fans who are still waiting for his deluxe version of a EP Faiyaz hasn’t released yet. 

Blackpink is a kpop group consisting of four girls from South Korea. They released their album, THE ALBUM, on Oct. 2. The album has 8 songs with “Pretty Savage” and “Lovesick Girls” being their most popular songs. Selena Gomez is featured on the album. Two of the songs were released earlier to act as a teaser. The album had around a million pre-sales before the album even dropped. 

Bryson Tiller released an album T R A P S O U L in 2015. Finally, in 2020 Tiller releases the Deluxe version of T R A P S O U L. The deluxe version features four more songs. The songs aren’t relatively new however. The outro is only the only new song Tiller added to thank his fans for the support and patience. 

“I remember being obsessed with the album five years ago and when I heard he was releasing the deluxe version of it I was thrilled,” junior Ashley Adam said.