Almost done with 2020, but what will 2021 bring?


Students share their thoughts about 2020.

Maddie Johnson, Features Editor

Students summarized 2020 in one sentence. 

¨The most challenging yet rewarding year of my life,¨ Hannah Owens said.

Hannah Owens

¨A year that will change me for the rest of my life,¨ Jonathan Ayala said.

Jonathan Ayala

¨A whirlwind of emotional events that will be in the history books,¨ Etta Sklar said.

“An emotional roller coaster,¨ Giana Walker said.

Giana Walker

¨Of course it’s not the year we wanted, but I think it’s the year we needed,¨ Hannah Simpkin said.

¨Been a year with a lot of downs and very little ups,¨ Garrett Johnson-Moss said. 

¨The same disappointment as getting chips and salsa, but you run out of chips¨ Alisa Putnam said.

Students were asked to give a one-sentence summary of 2020. They all had the same emotions about this year.

It was terrible.

But what are students thinking about 2021?

Most of them are optimistic. 

Lena Eckert, junior, is hoping that COVID-19 starts to decrease and things can go back to normal in this new year. She wants to be able to not have to wear masks and attend school in person again. 

¨I’m looking forward to more interaction with people,¨ Eckert said. 

Tessa Benson, junior, has a strong feeling that 2021 can’t get any worse then what has already been occurring. She believes there will be another quarantine, and after she hopes everything will be somewhat normal after. Her biggest hope is that she will be able to start participating in her sports and activities again. 

Ayala believes the biggest thing that’s going to be different in the new year is how people will interact with each other — how they view others. Ayala thinks that everyone is somewhat educated about covid and will be able to try and keep themselves safe and make good choices to overcome this pandemic. 

¨I don’t even know if this year (2020) is going be better, I am just hoping¨ Jorge Varagas, junior, said. 

Grace Rizzo is very confident in the vaccine coming out and being given to the states with the highest cases, she believes after that everything will go down and make a better outcome for 2021. 

¨I believe people have learned how to deal with what they don’t like this year, and have also learned not to be afraid when the future is uncertain, so I hope everyone will be a lot better at coping next year,¨ Hunter Blackburn said. 

Something you hope is going to be different? 

¨Things can go back to being a little more peaceful,¨ Garrett Johnson-Moss, junior, said. 

Along with that statement, Madison Bates, junior, is hoping for just some more kindness, and looking forward to new things.

Rylan Jennings hopes people learn to accept more of others and that everyone can learn just to respect and love. She wants more people learn to treat others with kindness.

On the other hand, some students believe 2021 will not be better than the year we are currently having. 

Junior Kaylynn Cornado is focused on how school is not going to change. She believes the people making the changes are not talking to the students and asking them what they need to succeed.  She thinks a lot of students are doing bad and teachers should be required to give less work due to the fact you never know about a home life. She is also a part of GAVC and thinks the students have trouble with the hours for those classes and the regular school day.  

¨There needs to be more students involved, and teachers should be required to give less work or a different form of work that is more convenient,¨ Coronado said. 

Rylan Jennings feels like with the presidency, no matter who would have won everything will just be super chaotic and our country is about to change no matter what happens. 

¨I think a lot of people are going to be angry with the election and it’s kind of scary¨Jennings said.

With COVID-19 she believes it’s going to continue to affect everything and will be a super difficult time for everyone.