Digital art impacting society in many ways


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Computers have taken art to a new level.

Tan Phat Nghi, Media & Journalism I

Computer engineers had devised a paint program that later on was known as “digital art” in the 1980s.

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process. After years of non-stop improvement, it has finally become well known by many people. 

And due to its benefits on producing high quality paintings while using the same time as traditional painting does, it has brought many different perspectives to the art world. 

“What I like most about making artwork digitally is the flexibility,” said Ms. Chris Listello, art teacher.

She refers to using Photoshop tools and uses its advantages to edit paintings and pictures. It allows her to make creative decisions before making marks on the paper. It also gives her the chance to go back to physical artwork with a plan based on what she learned from exploring ideas within Photoshop. 

The existence of digital art gives a big transformation in advertising and filming design. And they are obvious since the creation of smart phones and smarter cameras.

According to an article from Raindance, an independent film festival, the digital market has infiltrated almost any type of industry you could name, whic includes the film industry as well. Five of the main things that help change the industry are autonomous drone cameras, 3D printing, 4K 3D cameras, algorithmic video editing, and cloud-based technologies. 

But one of the things that interests people the most are 3D modeling videos. They offer a whole new view to the audience and are favored by many. For example, League of Legends, a famous PC game, is well known for not only decent in-game graphics, but also the spectacular cinematics they produced which involved the new technique mentioned above.

“Once you get into using projectors, anything you can get into a computer … becomes street art, be it digital and original or not,” said Evan Roth, a graffiti artist.

It has proven that artists have already seen through the potential technology possesses, and they are opening many websites for ideas, letting the younger generation who have art passion like them earning access to more art concepts.

The foundation of computer paintings inspires many artists to mix up the color, try out all of their ideas on a digital canvas and allow them to bring graffiti to the next stage with hundreds of amazing wall paintings.

Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface. It is a really unique way of showing how a person’s imagination can turn into, and thanks to computers, they are able to easily lay out their ideas with 3D models or software programs. 

And last but not least, digital art has the ability to keep art lasting forever, whereas painting canvases still easily receive damage if they’re left for a long time. Many people really like the digital colors after they are printed out. They take this advantage to open online shops, which caught a lot of attention. Tons of games are using the same methods to keep players’ interests, too.