Mascot task force discusses educational options


Athletic trophies are on display near the entrance to the gym at Central Campus.

Claire Evelyne Edwards, Editor-in-Chief

On March 22, the fourth MCHS mascot task force meeting was held and members discussed increased educational opportunities at Minooka, including potential development of curriculum.

Dr. Kenneth Lee, the superintendent and facilitator of the conversations during the meetings, mentioned some classes that he would like to see incorporated into the curriculum.

“I’d like to see a Native American history class, an African-American history class, and a Women’s Studies class eventually,” Lee said.

The development process would require conversations regarding the courses and reviewing textbooks to later be presented to the administrative team alongside Dr. Lee in the fall. That would also require two seperate readings in front of the school board members, where they could approve of a course. If approved, whatever courses that went under discussion would be included in the course catalog for students to request and enroll in during the winter.

The task force also discussed possible presentations about Native Americans at Freshman Experience and during the Veteran’s Day assembly.

On April 7, the next mascot task force meeting will be held differently than it has in the meetings prior. The members of the comittee will be touring both campuses to observe the Native American imagery and have more conversations about it. This particular meeting will not be held via Zoom.

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