Girls tennis takes loss to Providence


Lucas Thompson, Sports Media class

Minooka’s girls tennis team was fighting with Providence Catholic in the beginning of the match on Sept. 20, but Providence ended up pulling out a win 5-2.

In the beginning of the home match, the score was back and forth, but Minooka battled. They would only win two matches. 

Providence Catholic won the first match and Minooka won the second and fourth. But Providence Catholic ended up winning the third, fifth, sixth and seventh. Mia Garrett and Alaina Dorman won those matches for Minooka.

“Providence has constantly been a very strong opponent in our schedule,” head coach Trevor Shields said. “If we were to play them again, we would be able to prepare for their specific type of tennis, which would give us a greater chance at making the match closer.”

Shields said Providence Catholic  was a tough opponent coming in with a 13-2 record and their first player ranked in the top 10 for Illinois.

However, despite their player being top 10, Kaleigh Serra put up a fight. 

“Serra refused to give up,” Matt Marino, assistant coach, said.

Serra lost both of her matches and put up a good fight against her opponent. Although Serra lost this match, she learned a lot. 

“Her skill level was far above mine,” Serra said, “I learned and grew as a player through the rallies we had, receiving her serve, and adapting to her placement.”

Both Serra and Garrett took good learning experiences and adjustments from these matches as well as their other teammates.

“Even though Providence was a non-conference match, the girl I played was at a good skill level and allowed me to consider different shots I could do to win a point or a match in the future,” Garrett said.

In second singles, Garrett showed hope for Minooka, winning the first match for Minooka, tying the overall match 1-1. Garrett won 6-3 and 6-1. She played to her best ability using what she previously learned to beat her opponent. Garrett also gave credit to her teammates for their tough efforts against Providence.

“I think overall we played well. Providence was good competition, and unfortunately Minooka lost 2-5,” Garett said. “Any loss teaches us to re-evaluate our strategies, and look at where we can better our playing.”