Sophomore football beats Plainfield Central


The sophomore football team has its next game against Oswego East.

Jahmai McCoy , Sports Media class

The sophomore football team came up with a big win game against Plainfield Central on Sept. 17. Minooka put a lot of effort into this game, which helped them finish with a score of 37-6. 

“There is a good attitude and spirit on this team, and we all know even though we won big,” sophomore coach Rob Wendlick said. “We need to keep improving as we get more into conference play.”

In the first quarter, Braden Anderson, running back, scored a 26-yard run touchdown to get the Indians started. 

“I had a great feeling throughout the game, and I had good rushing yards to help my team win,” Anderson said

Throughout the first half, Minooka gained the ball back with their outstanding defense.

With it being 1st down and 10 yards away from the touchdown, Joe Brown, the quarterback, threw a 35-yard touchdown pass to Carson Jacoby. This made the score 13-0 with Minooka leading.

The Indians proceeded to stop Plainfield Central on defense. Plainfield Central stayed at 0 points while the Indians went back on offense.

Before going into the 2nd half of the game, Anderson pitched in a 12-yard run for the Minooka. The Indians could not get a touchdown at the end of the 1st half, but the Indians completed a field goal a few yards away which brought the score to 19-0.

Going into the 2nd half of the game Minooka got a 15-yard drive but could not get the touchdown.

With the Indians going on defense and Wildcats going on offense, the center on the Wildcats had a bad snap, which made the quarterback run for the ball. 

When the quarterback got the ball he got rushed by the Minooka defense and threw the ball which caused an interception.The Indians scored with the scoreboard changing to 25-0.

 Brown threw a 13-yard touchdown pass, which made the score 31-0.

Anderson gained many yards for the Indians but could not get the touchdown to add to the scoreboard.

Plainfield Central finally scored a tough touchdown, but Minooka still led 31-6.

In the fourth quarter the Minooka Indians gained another touchdown, destroying the Wildcats with a score being 37-6 at the end of the game.

Tristan Parish had a great defensive game playing nose guard for Minooka. He had 4 tackles for losses and 7 overall tackles.

Minooka had 107 rushing yards and 105 passing yards. This means they had 278 yards all together.

“We came into the game focused and prepared to win the game and create good habits,” sophomore Joe Brown said.