Q&A with sophomore basketball player Jordan Freeman


Dylan Fuller

Jordan Freeman plays on the sophomore basketball team.

Dylan Fuller, Sports Media class

Jordan Freeman plays point guard for the sophomore boys basketball team for Minooka. He’s been playing basketball since he was 5 years old. This interview has been edited for length and clarity by Nook News

When you are on the court, how do you make other players better?
I try to see what’s going on in the situation, what to do, where to go, and what’s the right and wrong way to in the situation. 

What’s something that you feel that you’ve improved on?
I used to be more worried about myself than other people. … When I was worrying about myself, I wasn’t really caring if other people were doing good or bad I was trying to make myself better.  

Despite how the season is going, how do you overall feel about it?
We’ve definitely improved since the season started. … Our record obviously isn’t too good but, you know, all of our losses have been by less than 10 so it’s not a blowout.

Pineapple on Pizza?
No. I used to but not anymore though.

What’s your least favorite class?
I don’t like math anymore, I used to be big on math it’s not that easy anymore.