Q&A with varsity bowler Kaylee McNab


Megan Caldwell

Sophomore Kaylee McNab is on the varsity bowling team.

Damien Salgado, Sports Media class

Sophomore Kaylee McNab is a member of the varsity girls bowling team. This interview with Nook News has been edited for clarity and length. 

Q: Did you have any nicknames growing up ?
A: I mean not really, just ones that my family called me. 

Q:  Did you have any siblings?
A: Yes, I have three from my moms side and 3 from my dad’s side. so I’m the seventh. 

Q: Would you consider yourself a good bowler?
A: I would say that I am a good bowler, but I definitely know that there are better people than me.

Q: What’s the highest you bowled?
A: My high game is a 279.

Q: Do you use bumpers?
A: I do not use bumpers.

Q: What’s the hardest spare you ever got?
A:  I think any kind of split.

Q: Have many strikes have you gotten in one game?
A: Well, for a 279 it’s all but one. So that’s 11.