JV boys lacrosse takes loss from Andrew


The JV boys lacrosse team is coached by Vince Glasgow.

Brayden Poort, Sports Media class

On Thursday, April 13, the Minooka JV boys lacrosse team lost in Tinley Park to the Andrew Thunderbolts, 12-0. 

Andrew had only lost one game on the season, and it was their second game beating a team by double digits. They also beat Oak Forest High School 12-1. 

Even though it was a 12-0 blowout loss for Minooka, they had a couple of things that went well for them. 

According to Padraig Harrington, Minooka’s JV team managed to get more ground balls than Andrew High School over the course of the game. 

Over the course of the game, while still letting up 12 goals, the JV team did well on defense. 

 “Our offense couldn’t keep the ball for a long time,” Harrington said. 

The JV team’s offense had a hard time possessing and that caused them to have minimal scoring opportunities, resulting in zero goals and a loss. 

Lastly, even though the JV lacrosse team lost 12-0, they are still getting better and looking forward to more games. They finish their season off with three away games against Lockport on May 3, Dunlop on May 4, and they finish the season against Washington.