Students share thoughts on aftermath of Capitol siege


via Wikimedia Commons

Rioters storm the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

After Capitol Hill was attacked on Jan. 6, students have various feelings about what would happen next.

After a pro-Trump rally in the early morning on Jan.6, Trump supporters came to the Capitol Hill and started rioting. As the riot got more violent, people began to slowly begin to breach into the Capitol building and hurt and injure federal officers. The New York Times reported five deaths including one of an officer after the riots subsided.

The last time the Capitol had been attacked like this was 200 ago when British troops set fire to the building in 1814.  Some students at MCHS believe that this recent attack will be the last of this type of violence.

“I think America finally reached the boiling point, and anything after this won’t be as crazy or severe. We will go back to normal politically now because of our new president,” said senior Patrick Kirby

Not all students agree, though. 

Senior Joseph Garcia believes that the Trump campaign’s message and some supporters will be even more motivated to do worse things now since they believe that the new president in power doesn’t best fit the country like they believed Trump did.

“The supporters of Donald Trump don’t believe that the election was even real, so they are going to be more motivated seeing others ‘protest,’ and seeing how Trump reacted to his supporters storming the Capitol and they are going to commit worse acts while Biden is president,” Garcia said. 

Senior Benjamin DeBartolo thinks more hopeful and neutral in this situation on if America will finally come back together. 

“I would like to think that after this big event, Republicans and Democrats can agree that this was a bad and terrible thing that happened no matter whose side did it,” he said. “And that we are better than this. I think healing takes time, and as long as both sides agree this is wrong we are headed in the right direction.”