Q&A with basketball player Tim Agnew


Brandon Krippel

Tim Agnew plays on the sophomore boys basketball team.

Tim Agnew plays shooting guard on the Minooka sophomore boys basketball team. This interview with Nook News has been edited for clarity and length.

Q: Who did you model your game after?
A: I’d say Jordan Poole.

Q: Who inspired you the most?
A: Derrick Rose inspired me a lot.

Q: Why did you start playing basketball?
A: Cause I saw my dad playing, and then I wanted to play.

Q: When you are out on the court, what do you think about most?
A: I just think of scoring.

Q: What do you plan on working most this season?
A: Offense and shooting the ball.

Q: How does it feel to play on a team?
A: It feels normal. I’ve been playing on them for a bit.

Q: What’s the best moment you’ve had as a player?
A: I scored 20 points in overtime as a freshman against Yorkville. 

Q: What’s the biggest strength you have as a player?
A: I’d say passing IQ.

Q: Would you rather have a game winning block or a game winning shot?
A: Block for sure.

Q: Who do you think has the best shoe game?
A: I’d say A.J. (Minooka sophomore Amari Evans).