Chiefs: Top 5 Defensive Super Bowl Plays


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As the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, they had many big time plays on both sides of the ball. Here are Kansas City’s top 5 defensive plays of Super Bowl LVII.

No. 5 Secondary coverage on the last play
With seconds left in the game, the Chiefs dropped back 10 players and rushed one, which caused Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts to just throw it out there and hope there wasn’t a Chiefs defender around.

No. 4 Pass rush limits Hurts
The Chiefs defense had multiple occasions where their pass rush caused Hurts to scramble for short gains. Although the Eagles still totaled 35 points, without this they likely would have scored more. 

No. 3 Frank Clark’s pursuit on Hurts forces a punt
Near the end of the 1st quarter, Chiefs linebacker Frank Clark made a huge stop on 3rd and 14. This play ended up forcing the Eagles to punt. The play happened after QB Jalen Hurts had no options to throw to and no time to waste. He left the pocket and ran towards the left side of the field, but was stopped right away from going anywhere forward by Clark. It forced Hurts to throw the ball away.

No. 2 Big hit by Justin Reid
In the first quarter, safety Justin Reid put a crushing blow on Eagles receiver Devonta Smith. The hit came on 3rd and 5 with about 13:37 left in the quarter. The play came from a pass from Jalen Hurts and it gave them a first down. Although the Eagles got a first down on the play, the Chiefs got a lot of momentum from the play and really lit a fire in their defense.

1. Nick Bolton’s scoop and score
In the second quarter, the Eagles quarterback stepped back and the ball slipped out of his hands on the Chiefs 45-yard line. Linebacker Nick Bolton recovered the fumble, and then ran it back for a 36-yard touchdown to tie the game up at 14. 

Rhett Harris, Camryn Nelson, Jackson Lange, Brody LaMont, and Ethan Walsh contributed to this story.