Some concerned about TikTok user information


Wikimedia Commons

Some fear the user information from TikTok could be susceptible to being stolen.

President Trump has talked about banning TikTok because he says the Chinese government has access to user information.

The problem with that is the Chinese government could be in control of what happens with your information and they actually get access to your device and can spy on you through what your interests are and also your information as you sign up for it.  TikTok is a Chinese-owned company. 

“Attackers could create a fake text message that appeared to be from TikTok, but actually contained a malicious link. Once users clicked on the link, hackers could take control of the account,” Arjun Kharpal said for CNBC News.

For many people, especially teens who have nothing to do during quarantine, it is hard to put down the app. It is that easy for their information to be taken because people are giving their information away without even knowing.

“I am not concerned with them having my information because what are they going to do with it? They probably have millions of peoples’ information, and they still haven’t done anything with it,” Ben Joder, Minooka senior, said.

On Forbes, Zac Doffman stated, “A beta version of Apple’s iOS 14 caught the appsecretly accessing users’ clipboards and a backlash immediately followed.” If it wasn’t for the beta, then we would have no clue about them doing this. But it was found, thanks to Apple. 

India is actually the first country to ban TikTok. Indonesia had put a temporary ban on in in 2018, and Japan is close to banning the app.