Opinion: Young people more involved in politics


Tweet after tweet, post after post, students at MCHS students have been very vocal about their political opinions. This election has made young people feel like they need to voice their opinions more and make sure others know where they stand in certain political issues. 

“Sixty three percent of Americans age 18-29 say they will be voting,” The Harvard Youth poll states.

The increase in young voters shows that young Americans want change. But not all young people can vote yet. The majority students at MCHS are under the voting age so their voice is through their social media post. Students like senior Gerardo Ruiz who feels the importance of having a political voice on social media. 

“Regardless of politics, I believe it’s important for young people to have an opinion on certain issues because being active in, at the very least, knowledgeable about, pressing issues that will ultimately affect our lives and futures is important,” said Ruiz.

But Ruiz isn’t the only student who feels this way. Junior Cece Perseki has been vocal through her social media and has posted how she’s in support of the BLM movement and former Vice President Joe Biden. 

“I feel it’s super important to educate yourself way before reaching the voting age. Nowadays social media makes it so easy to find false information, so fact checking and posting about what’s right, specifically when it comes to human rights, is important to help to continue to educate others,” Perseki said.

As the campaigns of former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump continue, so do the political posts on social media. But not every student goes to social media some students go out and show their support in real life.

Seniors Julian Lomeli, and Sydney Kurtyak went out to protest against a group of Trump supporters that were crowding the parking lot of Chicken and Spice in Shorewood. With signs and masks, they stood there even though outnumbered. They  wanted to make their voices heard. Kurtyak believes that people should go out and protest because our personal opinions and beliefs shape this country’s future.

“I think that it’s important to go out and protest what you believe in because this country is our future, and your belief system shapes it,” said Kurtyak.  “There are many people who prefer to stay out of politics because it makes them uncomfortable, but they don’t realize how important it is to express their opinion and have political conversations.”

Lomeli agreed and also believes right now it’s important for young people and others to start following politics.

“I personally think that it’s incredibly important for not only young people but everyone to be involved in politics, not just because it’s something you should do, but because right now people’s human rights are on the ballot,” Lomeli said. 

Lomeli, Kurtyak, Ruiz, and Perseki are all just some of the many students who are young people who are voicing their opinions on politics.