Newspaper name to change

Katie Shields, Opinion Editor

This story was originally published in the Oct. 5, 2021 print issue of the Peace Pipe Chatter

After a year of further inquiries into the use of the name of our student newspaper, Peace Pipe Chatter is changing.

As a student newspaper staff, we have learned about how inappropriate it is to use our current name. The reasoning is that Native American tribes use a peace pipe as part of a sacred ritual. In order to respect the Native American community, we agree it is best to choose a new name.

Last school year, the Board of Education established a special committee to look into respectfully using the name Indians. Native American groups they met with said Peace Pipe Chatter was inappropriate, and the special committee recommended changing it. Mr. Matt Thomas, our student newspaper adviser, is one of the members of the special committee.

Our newspaper team has created a list of new criteria that the new name should consist of. This will be shared with students, and from there, they will be able to suggest new names.

The newspaper staff will select finalists to then be voted on by the student body.

Look for more information in early October in your school email.