Senior profile: Analiese Molenda


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Senior Analiese Molenda was recently accepted to the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater.

Getting into college is one of the primary focuses for high schoolers. Students are working hard to get into their preferred colleges. Senior Analiese Molenda recently got into her dream college, the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater.

“Everyone was super supportive. My mom’s work actually got me a fruit basket for it,” said Molenda. 

With hard work and dedication, Molenda was able to achieve her academic goals and open a new door to her future.

“She was really excited and everyone was super proud of her accomplishment,” said junior Alyssa Tequimila.

 “The biggest challenge for me was that I struggled a lot with procrastination,” Molenda said. “So just trying to get all the applications in and making sure the teachers recommendations were filed correctly while staying on top of my grades.”

She had taken dual credit classes and multiple AP classes to get into the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater. After years of studying and learning, she will be majoring in pre-med psychology.

Junior Hailey Gordon said, “AP classes and dual credit can be pretty challenging so I’m glad she was able to do so well.”

Finding the perfect college and getting into it is a huge success. Molenda will be able to experience a whole new world at her dream college where she will continue to succeed. 

“The campus itself is beautiful. I love everything about it and the people are so helpful with adjusting to college.”

High school students look for many specific aspects in the colleges they plan on going to. Enjoying the college experience and moving forward in life can be very rewarding. 

“My overall favorite parts are the classes and the average size of them and the school offers many different programs that are really helpful for different career paths. I love that there are people there that genuinely just want to help the students learn and grow.”