Want multiple endings? Check out Bandersnatch on Netflix


Black Mirror: Bandersnatch allows viewers to make choices throughout the film. It can be found on Netflix.

Claire Evelyne Edwards, Opinion Team Leader

If you enjoyed the choose-your-own-adventure books when you were younger, you might want to consider watching Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, a choose-your-own-adventure Netlix film, was released in late December 2018, leaving the audience with choices throughout the movie that lead to various endings.

The film isn’t like anything Netflix has released in the past, which attracted their audience greatly.

The movie begins in the 1980s with 19-year old Stefan Butler (Fionn Whitehead) discovers a book called Bandersnatch; this inspired Stefan to create a game based off of the novel.

In the making of the novelbased game, Stefan introduced his game idea to a video game company, Tuckersoft. Stefan was forced to fully finish creating the game within a time limit.

As Stefan dealt with his own internal conflicts, he comes to the conclusion that he’s not in control of his own decisions. Stefan believes that he is being controlled by someone from the future.

The creativity of the storyline and the ability to choose how the movie ends is what makes the film that much more interesting. The choices made are essential to where you will go next in the next couple of movie scenes and that only creates more suspense and curiosity.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch has a captivating plot that you are able to control; it makes you feel even more involved since it is left to the audience’s decision on what’s to happen next.

The film contains various choices, each one affecting how the movie concludes overall. It began with choosing what cereal Stefan would have for breakfast to choosing what music he decides to listen to, just to get a feel of how the choices will later affect the main character, Stefan.

Choosing the “wrong” choice can conclude in Stefan dying or actually being told you should “try again,” sending you back to the most recent choice so that you have a second chance to choose the right one.

The choices become more impactful as the film progresses as you’ll have to make decisions on who dies in specific scenes.

Bandersnatch is known to have at least 10 official endings; each choice impacting how the film will end.