Students find ways to cope during pandemic


Meghan Angus

2020 has brought some significant changes in the typical way of life for many MCHS students. 

On March 11, COVID-19  was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization and shortly after on March 13, a national emergency was declared in the United States. Since then, the community has had to take precautions in order to keep everyone safe such as wearing a mask, self quarantining, and sanitation. 

These new rules set in place have altered school and social lives for teenagers, as well as their lives as a whole.

Quarantine has been difficult for many.

“Social distancing has been pretty hard to deal with because I am a social person,” Katie Bishop, senior, said. 

Students have had to adapt to the CDC guidelines, and with this came struggles with social distancing and staying home.

 “Having to stay home was really hard, it was hard not being able to do anything,” Bailey Anders, senior, stated.

Although quarantine hasn’t been ideal for many teens, others have tried to make the best out of the situation. 

“I would try to do different things to keep me from getting too bored, like painting, drawing, and making bracelets,” said Bishop.

Many have turned to outlets such as physical exercise, different forms of art, and even social media. Others have used this time to self reflect and even try new things that they might not have had the time to explore before quarantine. 

“I have learned to become more patient and to realize how grateful I was for the freedom we had before COVID,” said Anders. 

When people spend time by themselves for long periods of time, they do a lot of thinking. Many people may have felt they learned or discovered new things about them during quarantine.

“I have definitely been more grateful for what I do have.  I try my best to fully live in the moment and not take anything for granted,” Bishop said.