Top 10 Christmas songs


Christmas songs are some of the best songs.

“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear,” said Buddy the Elf from Elf

Every year I wait until Thanksgiving is over and for the first day of 93.9 FM to start playing Christmas music. I think Christmas music makes everyone happier. There’s nothing like running around the mall, last-minute Christmas shopping, with a different Christmas song blasting in each store.

During the midst of chaos, I think Christmas music brings a sense of peace and is a reminder that Christmas should be enjoyable and cheerful. I like Christmas music in general, but of course I do have my favorites. Here are my top 10 favorite Christmas songs.

1. My all-time favorite Christmas song is “Angels We Have Heard On High,” performed by Josh Groban. This song was released in 2007 in his album Noël. This Christmas song is important to me because there is more meaning to the season of Christmas than Santa Claus and presents. It reminds me that we celebrate Christmas because it was the day Jesus was born and that alone is the best Christmas gift. 

2. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” performed by Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé takes second place on my list. This song was released in Holiday Wishes album in 2014. This song makes me laugh because I think about the scene in Elf when Buddy is in the bathroom singing with Jovi, then runs into the lockers when she yells at him to leave. Elf is my favorite Christmas movie, so it is only appropriate to have a favorite Christmas song that is in the movie. This version specifically is my favorite because I think Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé both have beautiful voices. 

3. Josh Groban makes it twice into my top three with his Christmas song “Believe” released in 2004 also in the album Noël, and in the movie The Polar Express. This has become one of my favorites specifically because of the movie, but Josh Groban has a wonderful voice and I think any song he sings is worthy of being on my favorite Christmas songs list. 

4. “Mistletoe” performed by Justin Bieber has been one of my favorites since I was an 8-year-old fan girl dancing in my room to Bieber’s brand new Christmas album. This song is from his album Under the Mistletoe with its release date being Nov. 1, 2011. This album came out in perfect timing for the holiday season and I made it my duty to learn every Christmas song on it, and “Mistletoe” always remained my favorite. 

5. “Frosty The Snowman” not only is a wonderful song but brings many memories with its sound. This Christmas song reminds me of a snow day in elementary school where my family and I would play outside, build a snowman, drink hot cocoa, and watch Christmas movies. “Frosty The Snowman” also reminds me of being a little kid and watching the movie at Grandma’s house, anxiously waiting for Santa to come in the next few days. The version I like is Bing Crosby’s, released in 1962, and it has remained a classic Christmas song since. 

6. “I’ll Be Home” performed by Meghan Trainor is a heartwarming song. I think this song is special to me because it shows how important time with family is during the holidays, especially if you don’t see them often. “I’ll Be Home” was released in 2014 for a Christmas special. 

7. Again Josh Groban finds his way to my top 10 favorite Christmas songs. This time with “Silent Night” which was released in 2007 also in his album Noël. This song has always been special to me because it reminds me of singing it at church, and about the true meaning of christmas. I also think this song brings a certain peace to anyone who listen, especially with Groban singing it. 

8. “Winter Wonderland” performed by Michael Bublé makes it to No. 8 on my list. In 2011, Bublé released an album called Christmas which features this song. I’ve always been the person to expect snow on Christmas and I would wish so hard for a “Winter Wonderland” when I woke up. This song reminds me of beautiful, white, fluffy snow in perfect time for the holiday season. 

9. Kelly Clarkson released “Underneath the Tree” in her album Wrapped In Red in 2013. I think this song is wonderfully written. It is fun and energetic, and I think that energy spreads to the listeners. Kelly Clarkson has a voice that is instantly recognizable and her tone in this song is beautiful, all around just a wonderful Christmas song. 

10. “All I Want for Christmas Is You” performed by Mariah Carey rounds out my list at No.10. I’ve always been a fan of this song and think Carey’s voice is stunning. But it also is really over played, which is why it is near the bottom of the list. Carey released this song as a single in 1994 which also featured in her album Merry Christmas in 2011. I think this song will always be a classic and a fan favorite.