Students choosing remote learning share experiences


Claire Evelyne Edwards, Editor-in-Chief

“At school it didn’t feel so monotonous because with each lesson, there was something exciting to look forward to, but remote learning is basically the same thing everyday,” Brandon Moore, senior, said. 

Remote learning has been the new norm that everyone has had to adjust to quickly after COVID-19 hit. Students and teachers were required to meet on Google Meets every school day for at least 30 minutes, leaving the last hour for students to work on assignments given from that specific class.

The idea of hybrid learning sparked a conversation between the school board members, which resulted in hybrid learning beginning on Oct. 19. This left two options for students: continue remote learning from home or attend school for in-person learning. 

Instantly, students were expressing their feelings about how remote learning has been going for them personally. Some students have their cameras on classes, but not all. 

“Most of the time I have my camera on to make the teachers feel better. A lot of students keep their cameras off but I don’t really care,” Moore said. “I’m a pretty shy person sometimes so I can understand not wanting people to see you”.

Other students can also relate to keeping their cameras on out of respect for their teachers.

“I wouldn’t find class enjoyable if my teachers had a black screen when teaching and I assume the feeling is mutual,” Gerardo Ruiz, senior, said. Ruiz also said that his experience with remote learning has been positive and allowed him to focus more on his mental health which resulted in Ruiz feeling overall happy. 

For some students, remote learning is better than in-person learning and decided to continue remote learning opposed to returning back to school for hybrid learning. 

Hybrid learning began on Oct. 19, giving students extended options on whether they plan to return to school for in-person learning or continuing remote learning.