Minooka beats Joliet West for 1st win of season


Zoe Skrezyna

Minooka takes the field during its first home game against Bolingbrook.

In a serious rivaly match for Minooka, the Indians were victorious over Joliet West in a great game of football. This game was played at Joliet West with a final score of 20-15.

Minooka and Joliet West had a tough fight with both teams’ defense staying strong.

At the start of the game Minooka, lost two significant offensive players, wide receiver Trevor Hudak, and running back Joey Partridge within the first quarter. This wasn’t the best start, but Minooka did what they could due to the situation that they had been put in and the players behind Hudak and Partridge had to step up.

”The team showed how they could fight adversity throughout the game with starting players getting injured, and the second group having to come in and fulfilling the duties they were given,” Minooka head football coach Matt Harding said.

 The Indians were put into situations of their control, which led to offense having to do whatever they could to gain yards, while defense filled their gaps, read their reads correctly, and did what they were supposed to make sure they had the highest score throughout the game.

The defense had a great stop in the first half, getting a safety. 

At half time when the score was tight, than D1 Northern Illinois commit Malik Armstrong had a 91-yard kick return for a touchdown that was the nail in the coffin for Joliet West.

But defense also had to play their part. The defense had played tough throughout the first three quarters and started slowing down a little bit in fourth. 

The Joliet West FB was slightly controlling the field because the Minooka defense  was having trouble bringing him down. It wasn’t the best game, but Minooka made a final stop on defense so offense could finish the game.

“Getting put out there on the spot was nerve-racking, but I did my best,” said outside linebacker Nick Wakefield. 

“It was a close game, and we had to fight every snap of the ball all three areas, offense, defense and special teams, ”said quarterback Gavin Dooley.

Minooka was dug a hole early, but without the help of all of the people who came in as subs they would not have been completed job.

Athlete Ethan Murphy, who was a quarterback, had to play receiver throughout the game due to players going left and right, and he did enough to help Minooka finish with the victory. 


Alex Vaughn is a member of the Minooka varsity football team.