Freshman football beats Plainfield Central


Ryan Susnar

Freshman Jaxon Banner runs the ball against Romeoville on Sept. 8. Minooka’s freshmen won 50-24.

The freshman football game on a sunny Saturday morning came with the excitement of Homecoming on the schedule 

Minooka entered the game with a record of 2-1 and were facing Plainfield Central. 

Offense for Minooka started as soon as they got the ball. Minooka’s Haden Bowman scored the first rushing touchdown

Offense wasn’t the only thing that helped Minooka secure the victory, it was also their defense.

With 6 minutes left in the first quarter , Minooka’s corner Brady Kozlowski had a pick 6, causing Minooka to take the lead, 14-0.

Kozlowski was worried the interception might not count because of something he thought he did.

“That I stepped out of bounds,” he said .

At the end of the first quarter, Nathen Gonzalez finished off with a punt return putting Minooka up 21-0.

Minooka didn’t stop there. Their momentum led them into another quick rushing touchdown by Bowman.

Bowman had a huge first half for Minooka with two  rushing touchdowns. Overall he felt good about things.

“Sore, happy, pretty good and accomplished with myself,” said Bowman.

Minooka was playing good football, but it didn’t all go according to plan. Quarterback Zane Caves fumbled the ball after a bad snap.

This led to Plainfield North going down the field and scoring their first touchdown of the game.

Caves said the offense needed better reads on his part, as well as better blocking.

A 28-7 lead closing in on the second half didn’t stop Minooka from getting one more touchdown before halftime.

Minooka’s offense got the ball down the field in quick fashion. With time running out, Minooka fullback Tyler MInda lined up at wide receiver.

Caves put up a beautiful 20-yard touchdown pass to Minda to put Minooka up 35-7 going into the third quarter.

Minda was comfortable lining up as a wide receiver although being used to running the ball.

“Since I am a half back I have to know and feel good to play both a running back and wide receiver,” said Minda.

The third quarter was a slow start for both teams after the 15-minute halftime break.

There was only one score and it was Minooka’s Gonzalez with a perfect punt return.

This put Minooka up 42-7 with a comfortable lead going into the last quarter.

Caves wobbled a pass after a bad snap causing the second interception of the game.

This didn’t cause any upward movement among the players. Because as soon as the Indians got back on the field for defense, Ryan Keener got a 45-yard pick 6.

This was the final score was Minooka 49, Plainfield Central 7.

Offensive coordinator Nick Micetich considered if Minooka’s offense or defense was the star. 

“Defense was able to get two scores, so I would say defense,” he said.