Q&A with varsity bowler Spencer Bruinsma

Spencer Bruinsma bowls for Minookas varsity team.

Gabe Mireles

Spencer Bruinsma bowls for Minooka’s varsity team.

Gabe Mireles, Sports Media class

Spencer Bruinsma is a member of the Minooka varsity boys bowling team. As a junior he has been one of the team’s top scoring leaders so far this season. He started bowling in 5th grade after quitting baseball. This interview has been edited for Nook News for length and clarity. 

Q: What got you into bowling?
A: Back in 5th grade was when I started bowling, around that time I quit baseball because I got hurt too much. And after that, I really didn’t know what to do, and my mom bowled as a kid, so she recommended that to me. And ever since then, I just took off.

Q: What gives you confidence when entering your next competitive bowling game?
A: Knowing that I have the players that I have behind me to hold me up when I’m not doing so great. That gives me confidence. And having confidence in my skill, knowing that I’ve bowled well before, saying to myself that I can do this, and self-confidence really helps.

Q: Have you bowled a perfect 300 game?
A: Unfortunately, I have not gotten there yet, I got the first 10 out of 12 strikes which gave me a 287, I threw the ball a little too slow for the 2 that weren’t a strike, and it ended up in splits.

Q: Who is your favorite bowler outside of your team?
A: Chris Prather, he actually lives in the Romeoville-Plainfield area.

Q: How good are your teammates?
A: It’s definitely not just me — we’re all really good.

Q: What was your teams’ biggest upset/blowout in your time playing for Minooka?
A: I know we beat Joliet Central by like 400 pins, beating Joliet West is always fun, they’re our biggest competition in our conference, so always beating them is always positive.

Q: If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you’d buy?
A: Tons of bowling balls. 🙂

Q: What’s your favorite food and drink?
A: I want myself a good slice of pizza, and I’m a sucker for lemonade, so I love a good lemonade.

Q: What is your dream vacation?
A: Probably somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. I like to be in the cold, so somewhere cold.

Q: Would you rather be rich but ugly, or poor but very attractive and hot?
A: Probably rich and ugly, who doesn’t like money, y’know?