Forensics class offers students unique view of science


“I only found out about it last year when my friend told me she was going to take it,” Anna Maurice, senior, said.

At MCHS some people are unaware of what the Forensics class offers students and that the school even has one.

“I know they do a lot of hands-on activities,” Maurice said. “I don’t know exactly what, but I know they tested and compared different blood types.”

Why this class was founded was due to “more of an interest in forensics science than anything,” Ms. Melissa Hoffart, forensics teacher, said. “That’s kind of when all the CSI shows started coming out.”

This class was founded on demand as well, due to the CSI shows there has been a higher demand in forensics-related careers. 

There are also many reasons why people would choose to take Forensics as an elective besides the forensics career.

“I want to be an author when I’m older,” Alyson Rausa, senior, said. “And I wanted to know how bodies decompose accurately.”

There are also many aspects to Forensics class that would make someone want to take it. 

“My favorite part is probably our blood splatter unit,” Rausa said. “It’s fun and interesting to understand how blood stains are made.

“Blood splatter can’t lie, you can’t recreate it yourself and try to tell a story, it tells such a story you can’t fudge,” Hoffart said.

Another reason for joining the class would be the guest speakers and detectives that come in to talk to students throughout the year.