Eagles: Top 5 Defensive Super Bowl Plays


The Eagles played well throughout the Super Bowl and had some key plays on defense. But they still weren’t able to come out on top. Regardless, here are their top five defensive plays. 

No. 5 Stopping Chiefs on 3rd down
With 1 minute left before half time, the Chiefs were on their own 31-yard with 15 yards until the first down and Patrick Mahomes tried to rush, but was met by linebacker T.J. Edwards who tackled Mahomes after he gained 3 yards. They were forced to punt. 

No. 4 Holding call
With the game in the balance, the Eagle were in a big third down situation and Bradberry was covering JuJu Smith-Schuster. Bradberry seemed to be playing perfect defense, but the refs called holding. This gave the Chiefs a key first down and set up a score. 

No. 3 Pat Mahomes injury
Late second quarter, Mahomes scrambled out of the pocket and then Edwards ankle tackled Mahomes to seemingly aggravate the high ankles sprain he had. Mahomes limped off the field, and his status was uncertain going into half time. 

No. 2 Eagles stop rushing
Throughout the entire game, the Eagles had slowed the rushing game and only allowed the Chiefs to have a 26-yard rush for their longest rush, and that was Mahomes. Isaiah Pacheco only ran for a total of 76 yards.  

No. 1 Chiefs missed field goal
Late in the first quarter, Harrison Butker was called to kick a 42-yard field goal to take the lead. Butker doinked the field goal off of the left post and they stayed tied until the Eagles scored the next quarter. 

Trey Hopkins, Brandon Krippel, Kyle Rauen , Tim Agnew, and Natalie Loomis contributed to this story.