Eagles: Top 5 Offensive Super Bowl Plays


Even though they lost the Super Bowl, Philadelphia still had a good fight against the Chiefs and managed to rack up 35 points.  Here are their top five offensive plays.

No. 5 Hurts running TD before half time.
In the second quarter, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts ran the ball in the end zone from  the 4-yard line. And there were only 2.23 seconds left in the first half. After this TD by Hurts, the score was 21 to 14, Eagles in the lead. This touchdown helped the Eagles stay in the lead for most of the game. Hurts would have 3 rushing touchdowns before the game was over. 

No. 4 Hurts 30-yard 4th down conversion
In the second quarter,  Hurts converted a 4th and 5 by scrambling. During this play he was able to sneak out of the pocket and use his legs for the 5 yards needed and 25 more. This gave the Eagles a first down in the red zone and led them to a game-leading touchdown before half. 

No. 3 Zach Pascal’s first down
In the second quarter with 11:50 remaining, wide receiver Zach Pascal caught a poorly thrown pass. Hurts was left with almost next to no time to throw the pass with the Eagles O-line not being able to stop the rush. Hurts threw the pass at Pascal’s feet while scrambling on the run, and Pascal got the first down.

No. 2 Dallas Goedert’s first down
With 8:43 left in the 3rd quarter, Jalen Hurts had to make a big play. It was 3rd and 6, so he threw a huge pass to tight end Dallas Goedert while the defense was all over him at the 45 yard line. Goedert caught it, and the Eagles had their first down. It was 24-21, Eagles were up by 3, and they seemed to keep their possession alive from the play.

No. 1 A.J. Brown’s touchdown
Right after the first quarter ended, there was 15:00 left on the clock and the Eagles had the ball on the 45-yard line. The game was tied 7-7 and Jalen Hurts snapped the ball, faked it to Miles Sanders, and threw it deep to AJ Brown. Brown had an amazing catch for the touchdown. The Eagles were up by 6.

Aiddan Gubbins, Brayden Poort, Nate Kaboggoza, Kaden Shroyer, and Wes Owens contributed to this story.