Chiefs: Top 5 Offensive Super Bowl Plays


With 38 points to win the Super Bowl, the Kansas City Chiefs had plenty of great offensive plays. Here are their top five. 

No. 5 Winning field goal
In the fourth quarter Harrison Butker’s field goal lifted the Chiefs over the Eagles in the thrilling Super Bowl 57. Butker kicked a 27-yard field goal with 8 seconds left to give the Kansas City Chiefs a 38-35 win.

No. 4 Kelce puts Chiefs in winning position
 In the 3rd quarter, tight end Travis Kelce ran a post route with T.J. Edwards guarding him. When the play started, Kelce started running up the field and saw they were in zone coverage. He knew a linebacker would be guarding him. Kelce stepped outside, then in making Edwards fall. QB Patrick Mahomes threw in the middle of the field for a 30-yard gain, which would help them score a touchdown later that drive.

No. 3 Moore’s TD gives Chiefs lead
In the 4th quarter with 9:26 remaining, wide receiver Sky Moore ran a fake jet sweep going the other direction in the red zone. With the defender Gardner Johnson falling for the fake, Moore became wide open on the left side of the field. He ran in for the 4-yard touchdown. This was the Chiefs final touchdown of the game and gave them the lead by 8 points.

No. 2 Toney punt return
In the 4th quarter with 10:11 remaining Kadrious Toney returned a punt to the Eagles 5-yard line, dodging several defenders along the way. This would set the Chiefs up for a Sky Moore touchdown, which would give Kansas City the lead, 35-27.

No. 1 Kelce touchdown catch
In the first quarter, tight end Travis Kelce made an over-the-head catch for a touchdown. Kelce caught the 25-yard-pass to tie up the game. This play gave the Chiefs momentum after the Eagles had a strong first drive.

Marco Caldera, Thomas Frobes, Colin Kuchay, Gabe Kuzava, and Noah Martinez contributed to this story.