Sophomore baseball takes on Providence


The sophomore baseball team is coached by Nick Barello.

Dylan Fuller, Sports Media class

The Minooka sophomore baseball team continued their success on April 26 against Providence. 

The game was an easy one for Minooka from the 1st inning all the way until the 6th, with the final score being 11-1. The boys had a feel for how they would have to play in order to close the door on any opportunities.   

For this game, Kevin Bisbee still had an aggressive approach at the plate with his words, 

“My approach at the plate is to hit a hard ball on the field and put pressure on the defense and hopefully they make an error or it gets through to score some runs,” Bisbee said. 

But to set the tone in this game, C.J. Deckinga and Braden Zillis were the main two factors from the start. 

Deckinga had a 1st inning home run to put Minooka ahead and the rest of the team was a lot more comfortable knowing they had a good lead. 

And Zillis got out of a tough jam with 1 out and bases loaded by striking out the next two batters to end the inning.  

As the game went on there was an obvious feeling that this one wasn’t going to last for a while so there were some dugout antics and sunflower seeds were being used at a maximum. 

Mario Jimenez had to say his favorite flavor seeds. 

“I’d say the Taco Bell ones, those are good.” 

Although the Indians had this one in the bag from the beginning there was still room for improvement, according to coach Nick Barello. 

“Our goal is to get all these guys ready to play varsity baseball and right now I think we’re on the right track,” Barello said. “There are so many little parts to the game and little details that you can get better at and improve at.”