Top 5 worst gifts received


DVDs are not a good Christmas gift with the current technology available.

Each year, most people receive gifts for Christmas. Most gifts are heart-warming and perfect for each person; however, some presents should not be gifted. These are some of the worst gifts I have received over the years. 

5. Clothes that don’t fit
Receiving clothes is a great joy, but when they are a size too small, the bubble bursts. At least they are good for something and you can donate them. 

4. Movie on DVD
Watching a movie is one of my favorite things to do to unwind, but it becomes a struggle when there is a lack of modern technology. Turning on the TV and clicking a few buttons is not bad but people are not as familiar with less advanced technology, it’s just more work.

3. Soap
I see a gift bag on the table for me. What could it be? Gift cards? Candy? New phone? Soap. No one opens a gift and gets excited about soap, no matter the shape, color, or scent. It is a necessity, not a gift. 

2. Pens
I received a pack of pens when I was around 10. The best part is that they were just plain black, no designs or anything. It was very random because I didn’t have an interest in art and I was also in 5th grade at the time which required mainly pencils. 

1. Jojo Siwa calendar
To start with, there is no 9-year-old in the world that uses a calendar. And not to mention it had Jojo Siwa’s face all over it. Calendars are also available on phones which people can access anywhere at any time. It’s the thought that counts, right?