Pre-Med club provides head start for students


The Minooka Fire Department offered an emergency service clinic to the Pre-Med club in September.

Pre-Med Club is a club where students interested in the medical field can come together to learn and grow while gaining inspiration and motivation towards future careers.

 ¨I found out about Pre-Med through the announcements and flyers throughout the school,¨ co-leader Rhiannon Curiel. ¨I was inspired to join the club because I have always been interested in the medical field.¨  

Members of the club are given many benefits and opportunities that can help lead them to success. 

¨Pre-Med offers a great look into how to set one’s self up for the future and explore a field of tons of options. It is an environment of learning and growth,¨ co-leader Samya Sehwail said. 

It provides many occupations for members to take on. Guest speakers go in to talk to and educate the students which allows them to gain more knowledge and prepare for future goals and careers in the medical field. The club offers field trips to different places like the Museum of International Surgical Science in Chicago. Hands-on activities, medical related games, service opportunities, and the chance to build relationships are also offered.  Pre-Med provides a head start in the medical field by discussing medical situations that can help in the future. 

¨My favorite part of this club is that while all the participants have an interest in the medical field, there is a broad spectrum of occupations in which people could be interested in. This brings in a very unique aspect to the club that I think a lot of other clubs do not offer,¨ Curiel said.

Members are inspired to work towards their goals and desired career paths. 

¨What inspired me was my dream of becoming apart of the medical field and specifically a CRNA and wanting to get prepared and ahead as soon as possible,¨ said Sehwail. ¨Throughout the year we offer a CPR certification class, information on shadowing opportunities in a variety of fields, and advice/steps to get into the medical field beyond high school, as well as the opportunity to make connections with people that have similar interests to oneself.¨

Opportunities to gain knowledge and get involved in the medical field can be hard to find as a teenager. That’s why Pre-Med was created, in efforts to provide easy access to better education for students that want to expand their knowledge and gain connections with one another. 

¨In the future, we hope to continue to reach the students at Minooka Community High School as well as making a greater impact in the community around us. We also hope to continue to discover new shadowing and service opportunities for our participants.¨ co-leader Rhiannon Curiel said.