Aerospace Engineering class takes off


Kayla Marks

Mr. Nick Barello teaches Aerospace Engineering to students in room 483 at Central Campus on Oct. 5

A space class where you can learn how to find aliens?

Mr. Nick Barello teaches about the aeronautics of flights and how airplanes work. He also teaches about rockets, and his class creates airfoil and launches rockets in the air.

In Aerospace Engineering, a new class at MCHS this year, students are introduced to the physics that allows flight and the systems that provide flight for aircraft. 

According to Barello, students dive into the materials and structures that are used in aircraft construction. During second semester, they focus on space-related concepts and students will apply these concepts to model orbiting systems. 

“We will also learn about propulsion by designing, building, and testing our own model rockets,” Barello said.

Students are enjoying the class. 

“This class is very hands-on and very interesting,” junior Justin Blackwell said. 

Barello said students will learn about the governance of space and the impact of space exploration, as well as how microgravity affects our bodies and how astronauts minimize these effects. 

 “The class is very interesting but fun because it’s so much you can learn and talk about,” Eva Beck, junior, said.

Students are basically learning about rocket science. A career in rocket science can make between $67,850 to $158,700 a year. 

“The class is very fun would recommended other students should take the class and Mr. Barello is more interesting and he makes the class more fun because he is funny,” junior Logan Knott said.