JV volleyball beats West Aurora


Brandon Ritsos

The JV volleyball team plays Plainfield Central on Oct. 13.

The JV volleyball team was looking to improve their record to 8-4 against  the West Aurora Blackhawks on Oct. 7. 

Coach Coral Berta wanted to go into the game being aggressive and not missing a lot of the serves. 

The first set was an exciting back and forth contest, but it started to get close at the end. Minooka ended up winning set 1, 25-20, with energy going into set 2.

Berta felt they could have done a better job in set 1 since it got close at the end and they were missing serves.

But for set 2, they came out electric and ended up winning, 25-18.

Brooklyn Brass, freshman, had a lot of important plays to propel them to victory such as a pivotal kill on the left side.

But some things needed to be worked on such as, communication during games and just playing through it.

“I feel like just pushing through the sets and playing our best game,” Brass said.

There was always energy during the game with cheering teammates on, suggesting different strategies and just playing your heart out. 

“Throughout the game we were always cheering each other on and throughout the huddle,” Brass said.