Homecoming Assembly to have new look


Claire Evelyne Edwards

Senior student council member Dylan Fisher promotes the upcoming Homecoming Week. “The prize for the class competitions at the assembly is definitely something you want to win,” Fisher said. Student council decided to move the Homecoming Assembly to Friday and has several new activities planned.

Although the theme might be a nod to the past, the 2018 Homecoming is expected to be fresh and new.

Student council chose a theme of the ’80s, and since last year, they searched for ways to improve both Homecoming Week, which begins Oct. 1, and Homecoming night, Oct. 6.

The Homecoming assembly has been completely reconstructed to get more students involved. This year, it will be held on Friday.

“I think it’s really important this year for people to get really involved and get the whole concept of dressing up to show their spirit,” Nora Hasan, senior, said.

Class competitions will be one of the highlights of the assembly.  

This year, students will be separated by their class colors to symbolize Minooka school spirit.   Also, each class will be issued a chant for their class specifically, which they are to yell and prove they have more energy than the other classes.

Student council also purchased about 400 footballs for a football toss competition. Four randomly selected students from each class will be participating by holding buckets. Each class will get a chance to throw and whoever gets the most footballs in the buckets, wins, according to Hasan.

There are also more competitions in between that will allow students to be more engaged in the assembly this year.

The Homecoming dress-up days include the following: Monday is Neon Day, Tuesday is Tacky Tourist Day, Wednesday is Meme/Vine Day, Thursday is Big Hair/’80s Day, and Friday is Class Color Day.

After school activities during the week include the Backyard Bash on Monday, Power Puff on Tuesday, Band Night on Wednesday, Talent Show on Thursday, Homecoming Parade on Friday, and the Homecoming Dance on Saturday.