Mascot committee hears why usage is seen as offensive

Claire Evelyne Edwards, Editor-in-Chief

“At the end of the day, if you can’t make a compelling argument as to why your school should be called an archaic name for Native people in the word like ‘Indians,’ then I don’t know how you could make a compelling argument for keeping it,” John Kane said. 

Kane, a Native American activist who hosts a talk show on his podcast called “Let’s talk Native…with John Kane,” was a guest speaker at the third MCHS mascot task force meeting held via Zoom on March 15. 

During the meeting, Kane addressed the fact that the term “Indians” is inappropriate and a misnomer on its own because that’s not what Native Americans are referred to anymore. 

“Not only that I think you should teach, I’ll help,” Kane said. “You want to invite me to come out to your school and talk to your kids? I would do that in a heartbeat.”

Kane has always been outspoken in regards to educating students on the Native American culture and history in a truthful and respectful manner.

Dr. Kenneth Lee, both superintendent and facilitator of the mascot task force meetings, has some thoughts and ideas as for what to accomplish in these next few meetings.

“One of our members brought up that maybe we should do a tour of [Central and South campus] the two buildings and walk through, take a look at the aesthetics and imagery to discuss,” Lee said.

The next few meetings of the task force will consist of more discussions to determine the best decisions concerning the usage of the mascot.

“I think if you go through this process and actually remove the mascot, I think that’s a teachable moment to explain to your student body [on why it’s offensive],” Kane said. 

The task force meets via Zoom again on March 22 at 5 p.m.


*A previous version of this story mentioned John Kane indicating the term “Indians” was offensive. That has been corrected to more accurately portray his opinion that the term is inappropriate and a misnomer.  The PPC regrets the error.


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